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Green Plants
Have questions?
We hope these answers help! 
  • Do I have to be a business to get a vendor table?
    Plant Con vendors are not required to be a business. If you have a plant hobby, you are more than welcome to sell.
  • Can vendors go earlier to set up?
    Doors open at 8:30am for vendors to set up.
  • Can I bring an extra person to help at my vendor table?
    If you purchase a half table, that includes the ticket for yourself. If you purchase a full table, that includes the ticket for yourself and one more person. Any additional people would have to purchase a separate ticket.
  • Are the tables provided for vendors?
    Yes, the table, chair and a black table cover are provided
  • Can we showcase our products before the event?
    Yes, we love to support on social media, feel free to send us pictures or tag us on Instagram and Facebook.
  • How will I know what table is mine?
    The tables are on a first come first serve basis. The half tables are labeled half table on them.
  • Do I have to sell plants to get a vendor table?
    You do not have to sell plants, but it is a plant con so it should be somehow related to plants.
  • Do I have to stay the whole time?
    This event is only 4 hours long, so we do ask you to stay for the entire event unless you sell out.
  • Are there any restrictions on what we can sell?
    We do ask that your merchandise does not have profanity or explicit images. Other than that, go crazy with all the fun plant items.
  • Will there be a cart or dolly provided to bring in my merchandise?
    Yes, we will have 2 dollies in the front that can used to take items to and from your car.
  • Can I buy a plant online?
    You cannot buy plants online from us, but you can check with the specific vendor to see if they sell online.
  • What kind of plants should I excpect to be sold?
    Our vendors have a large variety of plants, from common house plants to rare plants.
  • Is this for selling only or can I swap?
    There will be vendors selling and some are open to trading but there is a designated area for plant swapping.
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