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About The Plant Con

Naomi you have the lucky job of making a description about the plant con, good luck to ya pal

About Bridges of Love Int.

The Plant Con was born out of a desire to support Bridges of Love International. Bridges of Love Int. is a community of Christian believers that exists to love God and love people.  We love Jesus and want to live like Him...not just with words but with actions! 


We serve God while serving the spiritual needs of people, but we understand that many times meeting those needs means providing in other ways.  Sometimes it means being there for people. Whether it be providing time, or food for a family in need, or even opening a loving home for a child, we want to be ready. 


So why "The Plant Con"?  Very simply put, many of us love plants and are surrounded here in the DMV by plant lovers! So we decided to combine that love with our desire to serve.  


We provide a place for plant lovers to come sell, buy, & swap plants and plant-related items. Vendors get to keep the proceeds of their sales and "The Plant Con" uses funds from ticket and table sales to pour back into serving the community through Bridges of Love. 





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